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The war in Ukraine. In Lubaczow the windowpanes shook. “The war has touched us so close”.

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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The Russians have bombed a firing range in the Lviv region, just over 20 km from the Polish border. Residents of border towns say they saw and heard explosions. “Nearby in Lubaczow the windows shook. It is heavy for us,” they report. According to the Ukrainian side, 35 people were killed. U.S. presidential adviser Jake Sullivan stated that Putin is expanding the directions of the attacks.”

On Sunday morning, Russian forces launched an aerial attack on the Yavorov military training ground, also known as the International Center for Peace and Security Operations, about 40 kilometers from Lviv and about 20 kilometers from the Polish border. According to regional authorities, 35 people were killed and 134 wounded in the attack.

Somewhere after five o’clock you could see the flame. It was such a glow. A bang woke me up. I woke up, listened and heard another bang. Later I found out what it was,” said a resident of Lubaczow to Polsat News. 

An attack on a military training ground in Jaworowo. Volunteers heard explosions

We are shocked by what happened, because the war affected us so close. 20 km from our borders rockets fell, people died. We have felt it. Our volunteers heard those explosions. Nearby in Lubaczow the windowpanes shook. This is hard for us – said Aleksander Sola, the spokesman of the Folkowisko association. 

The Folkowisko Association is actively helping Ukrainians, for example by providing medical assistance and delivering medical equipment. They returned to Poland from the Lviv region a few hours before the attack. Today, despite the bombing, they went to continue helping.  

We sent three ambulances that our association received from humanitarian aid. These ambulances are on the spot in Jaworow and are evacuating people. We have delivered the necessary medical equipment there,” added Sola. 

The incident was addressed on public television by the head of the Dutch government, who said that the attack is evidence of an escalation of the conflict. In his opinion, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin has not changed his goal and still does not want to confront NATO. – The attack by Russian forces on a training ground located in western Ukraine, close to the Polish border, is extremely worrying, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Sunday.

RTL Nieuws portal recalls that the area is used as a military supply route and as a training site for foreign volunteers.

The attack could send a message to the West to stop supplying weapons to the attacked country, according to defense specialist Dick Zandee, quoted by the portal.

Jake Sullivan: President Putin is expanding the directions of attacks

U.S. presidential national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday that an airstrike by Russian forces “near the Polish border demonstrates that President Putin is expanding the directions of attacks.” He also warned China against providing aid to Moscow.

Sullivan announced that the raid by Russian forces in the Lviv region near the Polish border “is an expression of (Putin’s) frustration at the lack of progress” of Russia’s offensive in Ukraine.

  • The U.S. has no plans for operations by U.S. forces in Ukraine, but will increase aid to the country, including by providing anti-aircraft weapons to Ukrainians, Sullivan said.

Washington and its allies will put increasing pressure on Russia, he added, and warned China that any moves to aid Moscow or make it easier for it to circumvent Western sanctions would result in “strong” consequences for Beijing.

As he stressed, he communicated to China that the U.S. would not allow any country to “compensate Russia” for the losses and costs of financial restrictions.

Reuters reports, citing sources, that Sullivan will meet with Chinese Communist Party chief diplomat Yang Jiechi in Rome on Monday as part of efforts to keep communication channels open between Washington and Beijing. In addition, the topic of their talks is expected to be the impact of the war in Ukraine on world and regional security.

Sullivan will also speak at that time with Italian Prime Minister’s Advisor on Diplomacy Luigi Mattiolo about a coordinated Western response to Russian aggression in Ukraine

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