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Friday, April 19, 2024
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Finland officially joins NATO

Finland has officially become the 31st member of the North Atlantic Alliance. The accession document was handed over to US Secretary of State Antony...

Poland considering NATO Article 4 activation

It is highly likely that Poland’s ambassador to NATO Tomasz Szatkowski will request the activation of Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty on...

Why Moldova needs NATO security guarantees

In the midst of the Russian offensive on the Donbas, a new problem is emerging: Moscow may soon increase its presence in the separatist...

The war in Ukraine. In Lubaczow the windowpanes shook. “The war has touched us so close”.

The Russians have bombed a firing range in the Lviv region, just over 20 km from the Polish border. Residents of border towns say...

European Union agrees to tighten sanctions against Russia and Belarus

Among other things, European Union member states agreed to impose sanctions on more Russian oligarchs and officials, tighten controls on cryptocurrency transfers, and ban...

Kamala Harris: reaffirm US commitment to Poland

US Vice President Kamala Harris is on a visit to Poland. During a conversation with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Thursday, she said she...

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