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Zbigniew Ziobro loses people. Background of the split in Solidarna Polska

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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A dozen days ago activists of Solidarna Polska assured that there are no divisions among them. Now it is clear that there is a conflict within Zbigniew Ziobra’s party and it is serious. The leadership of the party got rid of two meritorious activists – regional councilor Grzegorz Banaś and senator Jacek Włosowicz, who had been the party treasurer for years. – We haven’t talked to Zbyszek for years. I didn’t see such a need, and I don’t think he did either,’ says Włosowicz.

This is undoubtedly one of the most notorious breakups in Solidarna Polska, which may translate into further fates of the entire United Right. It might seem that it concerns only one district. However, it is worth mentioning that świętokrzyskie region is the stronghold of this party.

After all, it is from this region that Zbigniew Ziobro was elected to the Sejm, it is where the party of the Minister of Justice has the most members, and one of them is Mariusz Gosek MP, the Secretary General of Solidarna Polska. It was his conflict with Senator Jacek Włosowicz that ultimately caused a serious split in the party. Serious, because Włosowicz was treasurer of SP for years, and you don’t throw away people so important for the party overnight.

Włosowicz and Banaś expelled from Solidarna Polska

Let us remind that senator Jacek Włosowicz and former senator, świętokrzyski voivode and today’s local councilor Grzegorz Banaś were expelled from Solidarna Polska last Thursday. The official reason was the non-payment of membership fees. This decision was made by 19 of the 20 members of the SP national board, which met online.

The former activists of Zbigniew Ziobra’s party did not comment on the situation over the holidays, but they spoke out during a press conference on Tuesday. Both sharply attacked their former party. They spoke of serious differences in views – among others on the issue of vaccination against COVID-19 or relations with the European Union. – In my opinion, Solidarna Polska’s policy in this sphere is a total failure – even Jacek Włosowicz said.

Włosowicz himself admitted that he did not pay party fees. Grzegorz Banaś, in turn, assured that he fulfilled all formalities in this matter. Both politicians did not hide, however, that the real reason why they were expelled from Solidarna Polska could be events that took place during the last congress of this party in Kielce. As we already informed, during this meeting SP authorities in the region were to be chosen. This did not happen, however, because MP Mariusz Gosek put forward the idea of dividing the Kielce district into two smaller ones, which according to Grzegorz Banaś was against the party statute. The assembly was interrupted and a few days later Banaś and Włosowicz, who could have won with Gosek the vote for chairman of the SP structures in Świętokrzyskie, were expelled from the party.

There was a conflict, there was no reaction?

It is also worth mentioning that just before the beginning of the congress of Solidarna Polska in Kielce the activists of this party assured during a press conference that there is no conflict between them, that they create a harmonious team. But if this division existed and lasted so long, why did it end with a split only now?

If you are in a party, which is founded and you promise each other that this is why we gather under a different banner, because we want to exchange ideas and build something new, and then our voice becomes an isolated voice, it is sad. Why didn’t we take the first step? All the time there is such a hope in a person that maybe something can be fixed to benefit everyone. We were simply naive,” said Grzegorz Banaś.

What will Jacek Włosowicz and Grzegorz Banaś do?

Both politicians emphasize that they still want to work within the United Right Alliance. They do not hide that they are closest to Law and Justice party. The problem is that, according to internal agreements, if they change their political colors now, they will not be able to be on electoral lists for three years.

It is not us who open the door now. Ideologically or programmatically we are closest to PiS, but the decision has to be made on the other side. I am approaching this calmly. For the time being I will be a non-partisan senator. I have things to do, Grzegorz as a regional councilor also has things to do, so we are not particularly interested in looking for a party’, Jacek Włosowicz tells Onet. – And what if e.g. Szymon Hołownia calls? – we ask. – We can always talk. But for now I am calm,’ answers the senator.

On the other hand, some activists of Solidarna Polska are counting on the fact that the case will be quickly hushed up and will not have any influence on the position of Zbigniew Ziobra’s party, and above all, on the fate of the United Right. – PiS may want to take advantage of this, but nothing will change. Włosowicz himself may be useful to them, but only for a while. I think he hasn’t thought his decision through fully,’ one of Solidarna Polska activists tells us.

What is also important, it is hard to expect that the aforementioned Tomasz Jamka will lose his position in the board of the Świętokrzyskie province because of the split in Solidarna Polska. In his case, similarly to the nominations of other marshals or voivodes, the decisions are made on the national level and not on the regional one.

Source: Onet

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