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Despite political issues between their nations, they clean the Polish skyscrapers like no other team

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The role that Belarus plays in the present might not be the best for the residents of the country, given that the political impositions and interests regarding the conflict in Ukraine are seen as a double-edged knife for anyone. However, the cultural ties generated from past times in the history of that nation and Poland, today stand out and strengthen the union of both populations.

Roman, Pavel, Andrey and Roksana are an example that nations must work together and with love towards the well-being of each of the inhabitants of these countries, although the three men come from Belarus and Roksana from Poland, friendship and work in team for their daily effort, must be essential and has allowed them to keep one of the most important parts of the city shining: the huge buildings of the Polish capital.

No more than 26 years old each of them, for seven years Roman, Pavel and Andrey have dedicated themselves to cleaning the windows of skyscrapers that implements not only a remarkable effort in physical terms, but a passion for climbing regardless of the winds and rays of the sun.

Andrey argued that despite their physical condition, the preparation is not arduous, since it is enough to have basic knowledge of climbing to implement them when cleaning. With harnesses, helmets, knee pads and endless tools to clean the windows, they simply concentrate on their work. From time to time, he mentioned, the days are easier, since the weather plays an important role so that they can move with better precision and finish on time.

The diet they should follow, he said, is the same as that of any person, even though the training has exercises on the arms and abdominals, since the core maintains its balance every second.

Glass cleaners in Warsaw buildings

Roksana, on the other hand, who is the less experienced in high-rise building cleaning, mentioned that it is an adventure to do it, since she also performs a job that for decades has been identified only as a manly activity, for which she considers it to be an example of breaking down gender gaps and opening to new spaces of inclusion and participation of women.

For two years, cleaning skyscrapers has been one of his passions, with a preparation that includes -unlike his peers- greater discipline in physical terms. Although it is not her main source of income, she stated that every day it is a challenge to finish successfully.

Roksana and Andrey, glass cleaners in Warsaw

Considered a job that is not carried out by Polish citizens, the majority of times, but by foreigners, the team works six to eight hours a day and lures the indifference imposed by the daily hustle and bustle of the city, as well as the armed conflicts between one nation and another, to fade with the simple movement of the head to the deep azure of the sky.

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