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The Russian series may return to TVP. “The attitude was noticed by the board”.

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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The Russian series “Steppe Love”, which fell off the air after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, may return to TVP, reports “Press”.

As “Press” reports, Thursday’s “News” featured Mateusz Nowak’s material on the fact that more and more celebrities are condemning the Russian invasion, and that actors from Russian series shown on TVP also support Ukraine.

Viewers learned that “the attack on Ukraine is condemned by some Russian actors, such as Maria Mashkova, known from the series “Captive”. We wrote about the words of the actress in the pages of Onet on March 8.

“”Stop the war” wrote in social media the director of the series “Steppe Love”, which is well-known to viewers of Polish Television. Putin’s aggression is openly criticized by actors Zoriana Marchenko and Taras Cymbaluk. This attitude was noticed by the management of TVP, which is considering restoring the broadcasting of “Steppen Love””. – “News” viewers heard.

“When emotions subside, we will propose a solution that will emphasize our condemnation of Putin, but on the other hand will take care of the interests of viewers. It is very easy to take something off, and then receive thousands of phone calls from angry Poles who say: ‘But what do you mean! After all, the series is about the 19th century and has nothing to do with Putin.” There is a large part of Russian opinion which does not agree with Putin’s rule and dictatorship and which is also Russian. We cannot punish people for Putin’s madness. But this is not that atmosphere yet. In some time we will present a reasonable position not to punish those people who are innocent.” – Jacek Kurski said a week ago in an interview with “Fakt”.

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