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Music for Ukraine. The Abracadabra band performs around Poland in benefit for Ukrainian families

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The rhythm of the most listened music in the world sounds, the main streets of Warsaw fall silent with the intention of rejoicing in the rhythm that lessens the pressure of getting anywhere in the city, the stress of the city and the worry of every day just vanished. Children, adults and young people had a smile on their faces, as the Abracadabra group of musicians arrived in Poland with the Caravan of Peace, with the intention of bringing peace to the country that has helped Ukraine more than any other in the world and also to help Ukrainian refugees and artists to have a moment of happiness despite the torment.

Abracadabra band playing in Warsaw. Image: Aranxa Albarrán

Since the beginning of the war, Abracadabra, a band made up of six musicians from around the world, especially from the USA: Laura Newman, Tycho, Debbie “The Drummer” Yambala, Juan Gallego, Sebastian Gonzalez, Kyle Ryan and as a special guest DJ Osseo, have dedicated their talent with music ranging from the Beatles to Coldplay, in order to avoid the problems, dismay and fear that war has brought.

For free, the group intended to generate environments that allowed the collection of funds which were delivered to Ukrainian people who are established in shelters around the European Union, especially in Poland. Although the cooperation was voluntary, the music, the party and the energy that they injected in each presentation, made their good work to be appreciated by the public.

With a style that evokes the hippie era, the group’s trip began in the capital of the Netherlands, in order to visit most European cities, until reaching Ukraine. For over a month they toured Berlin in Germany, Warsaw, Przemyśl and Medyka in Poland, a place where they gathered dozens of people and especially Len, a Ukrainian boy who escaped from Kyiv since the beginning of the war with his mother and who has a peculiar passion for music, as well as for the sounds emitted through the electric guitar.

The Warsaw Post team was at the presentation in Warsaw, which they have mentioned was the most special during their time in Europe, since the inhabitants, both the police, showed a lot of empathy and openness to the event.

Jan, one of the attendees at the event, stated that aid to Ukraine has been seen in various forms in Poland, particularly in Warsaw, as it has been the largest collection centre for humanitarian aid, as well as the city that has received most of the refugees, so the event seemed like an ideal gesture to mitigate the catastrophe generated during the last seven months.

Likewise, Victoria, another participant in the event, said that the show generated an atmosphere rarely witnessed in Warsaw, in which anyone can feel happy, free and with a reason to smile after all.

“It has been a very nice day, accompanied by spectacular music. We have all felt happy to have this group of musicians. Hopefully the help for Ukraine and other parts in the world that are at war will always be presented with something similar”, she said.

Abracadabra band perfom for Ukraine in Warsaw

As the tour is about to finish, through their social networks on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube they present the shows they carried out during the tour, in the same way, they invite those interested in donating to help, so as to reach as much as possible funds in order to keep playing for Ukrainian families and to give an opportunity to Ukrainian musicians and artists to participate in the tour. Anyone can do it through the official page in the following link: https://www.abracadabratrip.com/.

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