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Unusual coins issued in honor of Robert Lewandowski! Are they worth buying?

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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The captain of the Polish national soccer team has appeared on collector coins prepared by the Mint of Gdansk. The coins dedicated to Robert Lewandowski will be issued in two versions, and the mintage of each is strictly limited. The first coins of the series have often gone up in value, and we are checking whether the same may happen this time, as the huge interest in the coins makes it likely that they will sell out quickly.

Robert Lewandowski is the most outstanding Polish sportsman, a great football player and a great ambassador of Poland in the world. The striker scored over 600 goals in his senior career, and for us, the most important ones were those that led the Polish national team to participate in the world’s biggest sporting events. The Polish footballer has been impressing with his form for a dozen or so years now, and he is only getting better with age. These achievements of our living legend have been recognized with numerous awards all over the world.

As part of the latest series of coins of the Gdańsk Mint, the image of Robert Lewandowski will adorn the unique piece. The coins available for pre-sale are two-ounce coins weighing 62.2 grams and one kilogram. Both have a 3D printed insert. The coin is made of the highest grade 999 silver. There will be 3,000 two-ounce coins and 200 kilogram coins. And although the coins will be released in the second half of July, there is no shortage of those willing to buy them. The coins are denominated in New Zealand dollars, and their authenticity and legality is guaranteed by the government of the island of Niue.

Only during the first two hours of the pre-sale several hundred pieces were sold.

This is only the beginning of the series with the best Polish football player in history. The first coin symbolizes his talent and how it was born in a young footballer. Anita Kreft, operations manager of the Gdańsk Mint, explains that “on the two-ounce coin we see several figures of the young player over time, and the largest is the current figure of Robert. – On the kilogram coin we see Robert Lewandowski showing his characteristic gesture of joy and victory – she adds.

Robert Lewandowski

Coin with Robert Lewandowski will repeat the success of “The Witcher”?

The coin with Bayern Munich’s star in the two-ounce version costs PLN 1799, and the kilogram coin – PLN 14999. However, their value may quickly increase, which we have often observed in case of other coins issued by the Mint of Gdańsk. Spectacular successes were, for example, those related to the “Witcher” series. In April 2022, they have a much higher value than at the time of issue.

The increase in value of the first coins was also seen in other examples such as: Last Wish 2 oz (400% increase in value) and 1 kg, Rusalka, Jupiter, Spartacus, Big Bang, Guan Yu, Assassins, Cyberpunk, Mesopotamia. The popularity of Robert Lewandowski, not only in Poland, heralds a similar trend here as well.

Historical numismats, but also modern collector coins are bought not only by collectors, but also by new clients who want to invest their financial surpluses. History shows that bullion is particularly resistant to inflation and is considered one of the safest forms of investing money, and its value is steadily increasing. It is no secret that in many ways numismats are a better investment than, for example, paintings, primarily due to their higher liquidity.

Due to the fact that we are dealing with only the first coin of the series, it should also be assumed that the popularity of these coins will grow rapidly, and the huge interest in them will probably make them sell out quickly. It should be remembered, however, that coins are a real treasure to be taken care of. They are a liquid commodity, whose price depends on its symbolic value, beauty, condition, rarity and provenance. It seems that coins with Robert Lewandowski, just like our football legend, will be in shape for many years.

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