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Love during the war, what does it look like?

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Both Ukrainians, with a love that seems infinite and a nation that unites them from blood to skin; political and social problems have had to change their lives without understanding. On September 18, 2022 they had to say goodbye, she bound for Gdynia and he for Wroclaw.
The history of any refuge in the world is perceived as difficult, nostalgic and sad. Since February 24, Ukrainian families have been under various pressures to change their place of residence to another that provides them with not only physical security but also future security. Pawel and Yulya are only two of the millions who have left their homeland in Ukraine, their story is not far from those already heard around the world, however at 21 and 23 years old the world is perceived differently.

Both philosophy students embarked on the trip to Poland to continue their studies and have a job that allows them to secure their future or at least have a more peaceful outlook of achieving their goals. The decision to go to different cities was due to the fact that the universities in Warsaw no longer have sufficient capacity to be enrolled in the degree they were studying in Chernihiv, so they had to choose different paths to complete their academic training.
With enough English to mention their feelings, they explained in an interview that they are worried about what they are about to live, since neither of them wants to be apart from each other. They left their parents in their country, with the intention that when they finish their studies, they will obtain a job that generates sufficient income so that they can contribute to their family.

“Sometimes you feel helpless or rather, you feel broken, our life will change in a second, neither of us wanted this to happen, but there it is, and we have no choice but to move on for our own good,” said Pawel.
Yulya, for her part, specified that she is not only nostalgic for having left her country, but that she is sad about the distance that there will be between them and hopes that she will achieve each of her goals so that both her parents and she feel satisfied with the effort they have made so far.

“I am very afraid and sad, I would like none of this to happen. I know that our parents do it for our good, but it is also true that it is something that we never planned to do,” he said with the blue of his eyes wrapped in an intense red by the tears shed.
They hug each other tightly, stop in front of platform number two towards Kolobrzeg at the Warsaw Central Railway and hold their breath for a second to make sure that despite the distance and any conflict, they will remain united, like their nation.

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