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The police car did not stop at the accident. Police explain

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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An unusual incident occurred on one of Krakow’s streets. A cyclist fell under the wheels of a car, but a police car that was passing by did not react. The Krakow police have already explained why the police car did not stop.

At the intersection of Mogilska and Grunwaldzka streets in Krakow yesterday morning there was an accident involving a cyclist and a car. The cyclist was riding on the bike path, but when he entered the street, he crashed into the hood of an oncoming car.

The incident was witnessed by a police car…. or at least that’s what the available video shows. The police car, however, drove on and did not stop.

As the Krakow police explained, “the police car was driven by a civilian police employee and could not intervene”. – informs the portal “Nasze Miasto”. Moreover, he was not supposed to notice the accident, which explains why he did not turn into Grunwaldzka Street to find a parking place and stop at the accident.

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