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The deputy minister talked about teachers’ salaries. But he confused net with gross incomes

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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Dariusz Piontkowski said that a certified teacher earns an average of PLN 6,800. He now apologizes for the “slip of the tongue.”

Yesterday on @RadiowaJedynka stating the amount of PLN 6.8 thousand of the average salary of a certified teacher, I mistakenly indicated that it was net, not gross. I apologize for the slip of the tongue to listeners and all concerned.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Dariusz Piontkowski wrote on Twitter.

The Deputy Minister of Education and Science was asked on Wednesday on Polish Radio’s Program I about, among other things, how much a polonist teacher working in an elementary school with 10 years of seniority earns.

“If it is the degree of a certified teacher, that is, the highest degree of professional promotion his average salary with all allowances is on average about 6 thousand 800 or 900 zlotys,” he said. – Piontkowski replied. Asked “whether this is on hand or gross,” he said: “it’s on hand, of course, but it’s inclusive of allowances, if he has tutoring, for seniority, if he has overtime, his salary can be definitely higher.”

“I understand that a historian – because Minister Piontkowski was a history teacher – may have problems distinguishing between gross and net amounts, but such confabulation does not befit a deputy minister or a teacher,” ZNP head Slawomir Broniarz commented on TVN24.

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