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Have you taken in Ukrainians? Starting Wednesday, you can apply for refinancing

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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The system for registering refugees from Ukraine who want to obtain a PESEL number will be launched on Wednesday, March 16 – announced Pawel Szefernaker, Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration. After being registered, refugees will receive a paper confirmation of assigning them a PESEL number. We are still working on a solution that will make it possible to introduce some kind of physical carrier – added the government plenipotentiary for cyber security Janusz Cieszyński. Also from March 16, anyone who has received Ukrainian refugees at home will be able to apply for a refinancing of the costs.

The registration of refugees who want to obtain PESEL, stay in Poland and start working will start on March 16. We appeal to everyone not to go to the office on the first day – said Deputy Minister Szefernaker. As he assured, everyone will receive full support from the moment they cross the border.

Szefernaker also pointed out that due to the fact that “this is a very important project for the functioning of the entire state administration, public administration, representatives of the central administration offices will also support the local government in order to make this registration”.

I have held talks with the mayor of Warsaw and the mayor of Cracow. I think that in Warsaw at least 100 employees of the central administration will support local government employees in these activities from Wednesday (…) As for Cracow, there will be at least 30 employees,” added the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.

Refinancing will be paid retroactively

From March 16, applications for refinancing of costs will also be able to submit Poles who host Ukrainians under their roofs – said Szefernaker. Such applications will have to be filed in the municipality office. From Monday, the appropriate form of the application will be available.

Regardless of when the Polish family will submit the application, it will receive funds retroactively from the day, when they took Ukrainian citizens under their roof – he assured.

If someone applies and receives funding (…), and continues to help, another application will be needed – he said.

He announced that the money for refinancing the stay of refugees will not be paid for subsequent days of their stay. We cannot assume in advance that it will be two, three weeks or two months, as the law assumes, because there may be various, let’s say, irregularities resulting from the fact that we will pay someone in advance as a state, and later someone will not fulfill this obligation. Therefore, the funds will be paid retroactively,” he stressed.

He appealed to apply as late as possible, if possible, and not to rush to the offices on the first day, because it may cause queues when submitting the applications.

Specjalnie pociągi na Zachód, także loty humanitarne dla cudzoziemców, którzy uciekli z Ukrainy

On Saturday and Sunday there are special trains to Germany and the Czech Republic, announced Pavel Szefernaker. As he stressed, “this is the means of locomotion expected by citizens of Ukraine who want to get to the West”.

Under the PKP schedule today nine special trains, tomorrow also nine special trains. At the same time every day there are eight cruise trains, which gives a daily 17 trains to Germany, combining special and cruise trains from all over the country and 12 to the Czech Republic – two special to the Czech Republic and 10 cruise trains – he said.

All the time we organize with diplomatic missions of various countries humanitarian flights for foreigners who fled from Ukraine. I am talking about citizens of Asian and African countries, so that they could get to their homeland – said the deputy head of the Interior Ministry.

As Szefernaker emphasized, preparations are underway to receive further waves of refugees from Ukraine. Meetings were held in all provinces – voivodes with mayors, presidents, district governors. We are preparing places for group accommodation – gyms, sports halls, places where fairs are held – so that these places (…) can be equipped in case of further waves – he said.

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