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Anti-Polish graffiti in the suburbs of Kiev. “So what, sonny…”

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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The Russians have not been stationed in northern Ukraine for some time now. In one of the buildings they bombed on the outskirts of Kiev, they left behind graffiti with a question addressed to Ukrainians. The issue is related to the Poles.

“Well, son, did your Lachs help you?” – this is exactly the inscription mentioned at the very beginning. It was discovered on the wall of a building in Hostoml in the suburbs of Kiev. A photo of the scene quickly made its way to social media.

The question painted by Russians refers to Poles and comes from the book “Taras Bulba”. It was written in the 19th century by Russian-Ukrainian writer Nikolai Gogol. His novel, which tells the story of the Cossack uprisings, saw the light of day in 1835. It is widely believed to be anti-Polish and anti-Semitic in nature.

The novel was written in two editions, in 1835 and 1842, and was first published in Polish in 1850.

War Crimes in Hostoml

The town of Hostomel is located northwest of Kiev and has been the scene of heavy fighting practically since the beginning of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. The town near the capital was liberated from occupation in early April.

In the towns of Bucza, Irpin, Borodzianka and Hostomel, which were recaptured by Ukrainians, Russian troops murdered a total of several hundred people.

However, the exact number of victims is still being determined. However, it is known that after 35 days of Russian occupation of Hostomel, located on the outskirts of Kiev, about 400 of its residents have still not been found. Such information was given by the head of the local military administration Taras Dumenko, as later reported by the portal Ukrainska Pravda.

Before Hostomel was liberated, the local airport was used by the Russians to transport military equipment and soldiers of their army.

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