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Warsaw was illuminated by candles in All Saints’ Day, with thousands of visitors in Powązki cemetery 

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Around candles, the families of Warsaw gathered at the Powązki cemetery this November 1, with the intention of honouring the deceased who caused a mourning in the soul.

Powązki cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Warsaw, it was founded in 1790 and was built by the architect of the king Stanislaw Poniatowski, Dominik Merlini, since that moment, many polish residents were buried there, including the most recognized artists and politicians. Its relevance is also related to the time of the Second World War, in which many of the soldiers and inhabitants who fought for the nation, rest in this place.

Considering that a great amount of the Polish population is catholic, All Saints’ Day is celebrated by many residents in different places, specifically, the tradition concentrates in visiting the cemeteries and illuminated them with candles around the graves, so as to give the souls of the death some light to feel the presence of their familie

In Powązki cemetery the families gathered around the graves of their relatives, say a prayer and recall the moments they spent together. It is also a special moment to pass on to the young generation, how important is this day to honour the memory of the ones that contribute to the history and culture of the country and families.

This November, Warsaw demonstrated the symbolism of this day filling with light the graves and letting the cemetery be brighter than ever, especially after two years of severe restrictions from the pandemia.

Mana Shukaila, who is from Ukraine visited the cemetery, so as to share the experience with residents and to be close as well to the culture of Polish people. For her, being in a cemetery this day signifies a peculiar moment, for his brother was injured in Kherson, for he was part of the Ukrainian army and he, unfortunately, passed away two months ago.

“This moment is very special, I feel accompanied with my pain and I guess it is important to pray and to remember all the moments that we lived with our loved ones. I am far from my country and I couldn’t hug my brother before he passed aways, so right now I am trying to light a candle for him and for the rest of the soldiers in Ukraine and Poland that had fought for their nation”, she mentioned.

It is estimated that more than 2,000 residents visited Powązki cemetery and from their point of view, it will always be special to commemorate this day.

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