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Warsaw. New city logo. How much did it cost and why the change?

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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Warsaw officials have decided to change Warsaw’s logo. – The new Siren is more serious and has the profile of Maria Skłodowska-Curie, they conveyed. The cost of the contract to design the new logo was PLN 150,000.

Warsaw’s new promotional sign is a simplified coat of arms of the capital. It will replace the “Fall in Love with Warsaw” logo used since 2004.

Old: “Fall in Love with Warsaw” logo

“The need to replace the sign was determined by several factors. First of all, it no longer responds to the current communication needs of the capital city of Warsaw. It is impossible to talk about difficult topics, such as pandemics or war, while marking them with a colorful sign with a cheerful slogan. Graphic trends have changed over the past few years, and the capital’s sign has become unattractive and unmodern. Its weakness was also low readability,” officials explained.

The new sign is very similar to the best-known version of the coat of arms designed by Szczęsny Kwarta in 1938. A novelty and curiosity is the profile of the Siren’s face, for which the profile of the famous Varsovian – Maria Skłodowska-Curie – became the model.

We relied on a solution that would fit naturally into the city’s identification. We didn’t want to create new, abstract forms that Varsovians would have to get used to from scratch. We wanted Warsaw’s visual communication to be clear and consistent for all audiences,” explained Director of the City Marketing Office Katarzyna Sokołowska.

Warsaw officials point out that in designing the sign they followed the experience of other European cities, which have also created their logos based on coat of arms symbolism and have been successfully using such a solution for years. This is the case in Paris, Oslo, Helsinki, Vienna and Stockholm.

The cost of the contract to design the new logo was 150 thousand zlotys. For comparison, the cost of the previous visual identification system (with the “Fall in Love with Warsaw” sign) designed in 2004 was 195 thousand zlotys, said deputy city hall spokesman Jakub Leduchowski.

New logo of Warsaw

City Hall has no plans for expensive campaigns or additional costs associated with the change. The old signage will be gradually replaced by the new one. Websites or applications will also be adapted to the system. “Promotional materials produced so far, i.e. gadgets or information leaflets, will be in use until they are not fully used or are damaged by use (e.g. promotional tents set up during outdoor events). There are many places and objects in the city space where the “Fall in Love with Warsaw” sign is located. In these places, new signage will appear on the occasion of, for example, planned renovations.” – City Hall conveyed.

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