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Visa scandal. Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dismissed.

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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More media reports, inspections of opposition deputies in ministries, a request to the prosecutor’s office. The visa affair at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been inflaming Polish public opinion for days. New threads of it appear every day. What did the head of the Foreign Ministry know? What about the legal consequences for his deputy, who was allegedly behind the procedure? How many people from Africa and Asia were granted Polish visas?

The circumstances under which the resignation allegedly took place were described by Gazeta Wyborcza on September 1. Citing its informant from the Foreign Ministry, it reported that on August 31, agents of the special services, probably the CBA, entered the diplomatic ministry building. They were to question the leadership of the consular department and the director general of the MFA. Later the same day, Prime Minister Morawiecki dismissed Wawrzyk.

The former deputy minister was already in charge of consular affairs, including the visa issuance system. He also turned out to be the author of a draft regulation on visa facilitation for temporary workers from some 20 countries, including Islamic countries. “It assumed the possibility of employing up to 400,000 workers in Poland,” he said. – “GW” reported.

Prime Minister on resignation, CBA actions and investigation

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, asked at a press conference in Tomaszow Mazowiecki on September 4 about Wawrzyk’s dismissal and media reports indicating that the resignation is related to the CBA’s actions, replied that an investigation is underway and the relevant services will be able to provide information as they see fit. – I am aware of such an investigation, which is ongoing, and hence the resignation” he added.

The Foreign Ministry’s response, however, is the most interesting, because, as we read, it shows that the U.S. Border Service informed the Polish side as early as September 2022 “that Polish work visas are being used en masse by Georgian citizens to enter Mexico” and further into the U.S. and Canada.

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