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Ukrainians protest in Warsaw after missile strikes in Kyiv

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With the Ukrainian national anthem and cries of protest begging for a cease to the attacks and the fire in the nation, around 2 thousand of Ukrainians who arrived in the Polish capital since the end of February, gathered outside the Russian Embassy in Warsaw, ​​after the constant bombings experienced on October 10 in Kyiv.

After that at least eight people were registered as dead in the bombing by the Russian army in the Ukrainian capital, Ukrainians are urgently calling for a stop to the violence experienced by their country, not only since this year, but since 2014.

Agenes Tayirova, a Ukrainian lady who has been living in Poland for the last six months, mentioned that she is “sick and tired” of all the chaos she and all her nation has been facing since 8 years ago, when the conflicts between Russia began.

Ukrainians protest outside the Russian Emabssy

“This is a whole mess, I just want my country to be as free as it was before Russia attacked us. I want to go back to my country and live peacefully but I can’t and people over there are dying. People that didn’t have the chance to move to another place like me”, she mentioned.

From kids to adults, Ukrainians protested for more than three hours with the intention of being heard even though none of the Russian authorities wanted to talk or say something related to the explosions.

Placards with phrases like “Putin equals Hitler” or “Russia is a terrorist state”, they declared to be more united than ever and that they will be resilient until this war come to an end, which they hope will be soon.

Ukrainians protest outside the Russian Emabssy

“I am proud to be Ukrainian and it hurts to know that my country is living like this. My grandparents are still there and also my uncles, aunts and cousins. I came here to Warsaw because I am a student, but I want to support Ukraine until I can and I have the chance. I guess it’s important to raise our voices“, said Olga from Kyiv.

As Vladimir Putin said during a conference in the morning of the attacks, the shelling was a consequence for the bomb that damaged the unique bridge which unites Crimea with Russia, thus he warned, that if there are future attacks, there will be more severe responses.

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