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The oldest care institution for abandoned children in Poland play a big role today

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The House of the priest Baudoin has a great relevance for these days in the history of Warsaw, especially since its existence is due to the Second World War to give shelter to children who had to face life without their parents. Since then, the House has been essential to continue providing support to the most needy young people and children, as are minors who, due to the war in Ukraine, had to start a journey alone.

The building in which the House of the priest Baudoin is located was built around 1900 and is considered one of the oldest institutions that provide care and humanitarian aid to children. In particular, it was created to support Jewish kids.

Although the House of the priest Baudoin was completed in 1900, the existence of the foundation in Poland dates back to 1736, so that since then, thousands of kids have continued to study and have had opportunities to live, regardless of their origin or religion.

Image: Aranxa Albarrán

According to current statistics from Dom Dziecka, during 2021, 72,288 children were registered in the country who received humanitarian aid in some Institutional Foster Care, however, during this year and since the war in Ukraine began, the number has doubled.

The activities kids receive

The activities and aid programs that children receive within the House of the priest Baudoin are: young mothers receive support; children receive financing so as to help them to participate in rehabilitation camps; they have through the foundation, co-financing holiday trips, as well as being motivated to participate in theatre performances, film screenings and have educational scholarships.

Image: Aranxa Albarrán

According to the Polish Press Agency, it is estimated that in Poland there are currently around 700,000 to 800,000 school-age refugees from Ukraine, so they have to face diverse challenges to keep going with their lives and the House of Priest Baudoin is a place in which they can feel supported.
The House, which is furthermore, catalogued as a UNESCO World Heritage Property, is located in Nowogrodzka 75, near to downtown Warsaw and if someone is interested in being part of an aid program or to know more about the history of the place, the following website may help: http://baudouin.waw.pl/.

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