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Poland’s opposition has path to oust populist ruling party, exit poll shows

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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Turnout is getting higher, already exceeding 72 percent, PKW Chairman Sylwester Marciniak informed at an afternoon conference. During the conference, partial results of the parliamentary elections were presented after counting votes from 53.73 percent of the district commissions. The head of the PKW warned that we will still have to wait for the full results. – We have to wait for all 31,497 protocols,”

The final late poll results, prepared by Ipsos, indicate that the democratic opposition has a chance of 249 seats:

  • Prawo i Sprawiedliwość – 36,1 percent (196 seats)
  • Koalicja Obywatelska – 31 percent (158 seats)
  • Trzecia Droga – 14 percent (61 seats)
  • Lewica – 8,6 percent (30 seats)
  • Konfederacja – 6,8 percent (15 seats)
  • Bezpartyjni Samorządowcy – 2 percent (0 seats)
  • Polska Jest Jedna – 1,3 percent (0 seats)
  • Inne – 0,2 percent (0 seats)

Elections to the Sejm and Senate 2023 Late poll results

Chairman of the State Election Commission Sylwester Marciniak, at a Monday conference after 1:30 p.m., notified that votes from 16,923 out of 31,497 PECs have been counted so far, or 53.73 percent.

Poland is back

The outcome of this election could have major ramifications for Poland’s future direction, the balance of power in the European Union and the future of the war in Ukraine.

PiS, which has been mired in bitter spats with the EU during its eight years in power, was seeking a third consecutive electoral success – an unprecedented feat since Poland regained its independence from the Soviet Union.

The party has been accused by the EU and Polish opposition figures of dismantling Poland’s democratic institutions during its time in power. PiS has brought the Polish judiciary, public media and cultural bodies under greater control, and has taken a hard line against abortion access and LGBTQ+ rights.

The exit poll, which seemed to indicate that the end of their stint in power was likely, was celebrated by some European Parliament lawmakers.

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