The State Election Commission has announced the final results of the 2023 parliamentary elections. Law and Justice won, but the difference between Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s party and the Civic Coalition is relatively small. Overall, the opposition has a clear majority.

After Monday morning’s Law and Justice result of more than 40 percent, there is finally no sign of it; Civic Coalition crossed the 30 percent threshold moments after 9 p.m. Monday.

Turnout in the Parliament election was 74.38 percent, in the Senate election 74.31 percent.

A press conference of the State Election Commission is expected to be held around 12 noon on Tuesday, according to PKW spokesman Marcin Chmielnicki. He cautioned, however, that the hour of the conference may still be subject to a slight change. However, the official results counted from all 31,497 districts have already been posted on the State Election Commission’s website.

Results of the 2023 elections to the Parliament

Law and Justice – 35.38 percent.
Civic Coalition -30.70 percent.
Third Way -14.40 percent.
The Left -8.61 percent.
Confederation -7.16 percent.
Non-partisan Local Government Workers -1.86 percent.

The distribution of seats to the parliament is as follows:

Law and Justice – 194
Civic Coalition – 157
Third Way – 65
Left Party – 26
Confederation – 18

Referendum ultimately non-binding

The State Election Commission reported after recounting data from 100 percent of the precincts that turnout in the referendum was 40.91 percent.

To the question, “Do you support selling off state assets to foreign entities, leading to the loss of Poles’ control over strategic sectors of the economy?” 96.49 percent answered “no,” and 3.51 percent. – “yes,” the Ipsos data showed.

To another question, “Do you support raising the retirement age, including restoring the increased retirement age for men and women to 67?” 94.61 percent answered “no,” and 5.39 percent answered. – “yes.”

To the question, “Do you support the removal of the barrier on the border of the Republic of Poland with the Republic of Belarus?” 96.04 percent answered “no,” and 3.96 percent. – “yes.”

To the last question, “Do you support the admission of thousands of illegal immigrants from the Middle East and Africa, in accordance with the forced relocation mechanism imposed by the European bureaucracy?” 96.79 percent answered “no,” and 3.21 percent. – “yes.”


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