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Playing the harmonica he remains resilient to help his country

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Now that the attacks have returned to various cities such as Kyiv in Ukraine, there are more reasons for some inhabitants for not returning to their hometown, especially those who have unfulfilled dreams such as finishing their studies and dedicating their future to their passion.

Alexander from Járkov, said to The Warsaw Post that he believes everything was better than late February when the invasion started, yet today, he believes the situation remains the same and even worse, for the fact that the Russian army is constantly striking misiles where civilians converge.

With his harmonica he played some songs and mentioned: I wouldn’t be here if Russia wouldn’t invade us. I am sad and alone for that reason, my dad is helping in the army and my mom is with my grandparents who are afraid of being hit by a bomb.

Image: Aranxa Albarrán

Among Szpitalna and Bracka streets, he sits down not minding the cold wind of October and draws a green in his face so as to demonstrate hope and motivation to passerbys. Some people give him money, yet it is not sufficient to help his family from Warsaw.

“I don’t care if I have to stay here longer than two months, I just want to help my family and also to find a job, because I am not able to study right now”, he said.

Accompanied as well by his guitar, he is waiting for the rush hours to come so he can play more cheerful songs, in order to inspire people and recognize his talent.

“I am not a good player, but I know how to play good music. I know I can give people a good time if they listen to my music. I know Warsaw is a beautiful city and I respect it because of all the help it is giving to Ukraine”, he mentioned while interrupting his songs.

With a cap that serves as a coin collector sometimes he is afraid of stronger bombs or attacks from Russia, however, he is resilient and thinks of his father when the feeling of sadness fills his chest.

“Sometimes I speak with my mother, she always says everything shall pass soon and that we are doing fine, that my father is not giving up and he is fighting for us. I hope people understand the feeling of being alone and lost sometimes, like me. Even feeling afraid all the time, I know I can accomplish my goals in life, like study music or being a recognized musician”, he gave a glance to the street and continued with the harmonica wind.

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