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New law will allow government to establish dictatorship in Poland

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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“The government comes to the parliament with an idea that makes it possible to impose a dictatorship on the territory of the entire country or on a fragment of it under any pretext,” – MP Robert Kropiwnicki (KO) said Thursday during an hearing on the draft law on civil protection and the state of calamity.

An expert hearing on the government’s draft law on civil protection and a state of natural disaster was held in the parliament on Thursday, organized by the Civic Coalition club.

The draft law on civil protection and a state of natural disaster was prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It provides, among other things, for the establishment of a Civil Protection Fund, an increase in the role of the Government Crisis Management Team, the abolition of the Government Security Center and the creation of a State Emergency Service, as well as the introduction of two new states of heightened alert – state of alert and state of emergency. The proposed law also takes into account one of the states of emergency specified in the Constitution, which is precisely the state of disaster. The solutions in this regard are based on the provisions of the current law and will replace it. The draft is currently being consulted.

“This is not one of many laws that violates rights and freedoms, because we have already seen many such laws. This is a law of constitutional rank, which gives public administration bodies powers that are not even in the Constitution with states of emergency.” – Kropiwnicki said during the hearing. “This is an absolutely unique thing, something like this has not been invented so far by even the dumbest government in Poland. That you can take over a company, you can introduce a plenipotentiary instead of a mayor just to pursue your political goals,” – The MP added. “This law is completely unconstitutional and violates Article 228 of the Constitution, where we have it explicitly written what states of emergency are: war, emergency and natural disaster. This law introduces two additional ones: state of emergency and state of emergency.

The draft envisages abolishing the Government Security Center and replacing it with the State Duty Service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Gen. Lesniakiewicz noted that while the GSC has more than 20 tasks related to state security – the State Duty Service is to have only three.

The new law is scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2023. At that time, the Law on the State of Natural Disaster, the Law on Crisis Management, the Law on Special Solutions for Remedying the Effects of Floods, as well as the Law on Compensating for Property Losses Resulting from Restrictions during a State of Emergency on Freedom, Human Rights and Citizenship in the section on the State of Natural Disaster will also expire

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