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Musician from Tajikistan plays the violin as a demonstration of love and respect to Poland

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Tajikistan, one of the countries with several political and social difficulties nowadays, especially since the beginning of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, has caused various inhabitants to move to neighbouring countries in order to find better life opportunities.

According to the United Nations, Tajikistan is one of the Central Asian countries with the largest migrant population, which has sometimes placed a large number of Tajik migrants in dangerous conditions that violate their human rights. Even with the difficulties that the nation has faced, several inhabitants continue to hope that living conditions will improve, even if this means living in other countries and having to adapt to new habits and cultures.

For Nekruz Matholov, who comes from Tajikistan, a violinist for just over a decade and a sheesha master with a unique skill, life has been faced bravely and with challenges that he has had to overcome regardless of the circumstances in order not only to have better opportunities, but to dazzle anyone with his musical talent.

Nekruz Matholov playing in the streets of Warsaw. Image: Aranxa Albarrán

Playing in the streets of downtown Warsaw, Nekruz goes out every day to delight the ears of passers-by, as well as to earn, through the emerging chords of his violin, an income that allows him to wait until he is issued a residence visa in Poland. Country that he catalogues as a special space for giving him the joy of dedicating himself to what he is most passionate about.

Born in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, Nekruz showed a great passion and ability for music at an early age, which led him to take violin lessons and move to the Polish capital in order to continue working as a shisha master and earn a residence that allows him to aspire to better alternatives to grow professionally and personally.

With songs that can range from The Weekend to Coldplay, Nekruz brings a grin to the faces of the residents when listening to him, as he shows dedication in every sound he casts.

“It has not been easy to be here and look for something better, but it seems to me that I have no other choice, I hope to receive my visa soon to have better opportunities, but in the meantime I must have a little income and it is better to do it through something that I like a lot like music,” he said.

With autumn beginning and the sun getting weaker, Nekruz inspires the people of Warsaw to keep going and injects them with a peculiar energy through music. Some pass without looking at him and there are others who stop, give him a smile and some coins in the case of his faithful violin, which will give him enough motivation to keep going another day.

Nekruz Matholov playing in the streets of Warsaw. Image: Aranxa Albarrán

“You don’t always want to be outside your country, but I think Poland is for me the place where I want to live for many years and the place that will give me the best opportunities both as a sheesha master and as a violinist”, he mentioned.

Despite the political severity in which his country finds itself, Nekruz argues that he is hopeful that things will improve and that both he and his fellow countrymen will have a better future.

For those who want to hire him to demonstrate his talent and liven up any environment with music, as well as know a little about his work, he can be found on the social networks of Instagram (@nikovioline) and Facebook (Nekruz Matholov).

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