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Member of Parliament Przemyslaw Czarnecki found on the street at night with a large amount of alcohol in his blood

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Michał Kasjanowicz
Michał Kasjanowicz
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Paramedics found him lying on the street, near one of the bus stops in Wilanów. We unofficially determined that he had more than two milliliters of alcohol in his system. We received the first signal on this case on Kontakt 24

In the morning, the services received information about an unconscious man lying at a bus stop at the intersection of Ledóchowska and Branickiego streets. An ambulance was directed to the site. – Medics found no injuries or other health complaints. However, the patient was under the influence of alcohol. In accordance with procedures, he was handed over to a municipal police patrol, which transported him to a sobering station, reports TVN24

Kontakt 24 received a signal that the man transported to detoxification detention centre is MP Przemyslaw Czarnecki (PiS). This information was able to confirm with several independent sources. A sobriety test was said to show more than two percent of alcohol.

We wanted to ask MP Czarnecki’s office for comment on the matter. An attempt to call the number listed on the parliament website proved impossible, we heard: “we are sorry, but the connection to this number is currently blocked.”

Who is Przemysław Czarnecki?
MP Przemyslaw Czarnecki is serving his second term in office. He is deputy chairman of the foreign affairs committee, and is also a member of the national defense committee and the standing subcommittee on foreign cooperation and NATO. He has not written any interpellation or question in the current term.

Przemysław Czarnecki TVN24

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