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Joy, redish skies and smiles were seen during Poland’s 104 Independence Day 

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The Vistula was illuminated in a special red, which reflected the faces of the inhabitants who felt even happier to be in their country celebrating such a special day. It is Independence Day, a moment in which the pride of carrying the flag is even greater, since it represents union and strength even in the face of adversity.

The calendar marks November 11, Poland celebrates the Independence that took place in the year 1918, thus for 104 years the country has been able to resist adversity, regrets, difficulties and even challenges that have caused great sadness for several years, but which is also a symbol of the strength and identity that residents have maintained for a century.

The streets of Warsaw were filled with long red waves that showed the satisfaction of being born in one of the most resilient nations in the world. The children screaming, running and drawing a smile on their faces because, despite their few years of life, they have been worthy children of Poland.

Image of celebration during Independence Day

During the day various events were held such as a parade, the sale of traditional food, such as croissants stuffed with almonds, raisins and walnuts, as well as the sale of handicrafts made in the country and there were also marches with symbolic importance in the nation with the aim of feeling closer to Poland and appreciate each of the elements that make up the country.

Martha (23), born in Poland, argued that the celebration of Independence means love for the country and allows residents to have a space for union and coexistence, to know that they persist and that despite what life brings, they will honour their country.

Image of celebration during Independence Day

“Poland is my home, it is my place, thanks to this country I have been able to achieve all my goals. I am proud to say that I was born here and always will be,” she said.

With the celebration and the songs that only those born in Poland can sing, the doors were also open for foreigners to participate in the party, as it is the case of hundreds of Ukrainians who now, despite everything, consider the country as their second home.

As an example is Margaret, from Kherson, she mentioned that although she is not Polish, she is grateful to have lived in the country for more than 6 months, for which she celebrates her independence and the achievements that as a nation they can achieve.

“Is a memento of nostalgia and also happiness. Nostalgia for my country and happiness for Poland, because it is a special nation”, she mentioned.

With the temperature dropping and the wind blowing in the face, Poland celebrated another year of resistance and pride in its roots.

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