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Considered as a symbolism of heroism, this mural was painted in the heart of Warsaw 

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For almost two years since it was painted, Jan Lityński mural was created in the heart of Warsaw, just between the streets of Towarowej  and Solidarności. He looks at a young age and he is considered a symbol of heroism and advocacy of human rights for his participation as an anti-communist activist.

Lityński was a well known activist for his effort during 1968, the time in which he participated in a student’s protest. Derived from that, he was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison.

He also was recognized for his job as a journalist, which encouraged him to create one of the most iconic magazines in Poland, for it was published outside censorship. The name of that magazine was “Information Bulletin” or “Biuletynu Informacyjnego” as its name in Polish.

He fought through actions and words regarding worker’s rights, expressing solidarity and being a constant advocate for freedom.

For those reasons, the street artist Bruno Neuhamer unveiled his mural creation on September 26 in 2021, after Lityńki passed away in February in the same year, for he tried to rescue a dog that was under ice collapsation and unfortunately, he drowned.

Ludwika Radek, shared to The Warsaw Post that having the image of Lityński in Wola district, is a way to demonstrate honor to workers and values to the community, especially for the young generation, for she believes it is of paramount importance, to share with the youngest population, how remarkable Polish people are and how they have to work and defend their nation.

“Beyond saying it is a beautiful mural, I can see in Lityński a strong value and demonstration about the Polish nation. I guess we can defer from one argument to another related to politics, etc, but one thing we cannot deny and that is the effort and heroism that Lityński showed all the time”, she said.

In the same tone, she considers the mural as a good reminder of how Polish inhabitants have to act to others in need, just the way they’ve been doing it since February 24 in 2022, when Ukraine’s war started.

The mural was inspired by a photograph of Lityński while he was in prison and was a 22-year-old activist.

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