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Friday, April 19, 2024

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You have important information, contact us!
The mission of the free media is to look at the hands of authorities and public figures. You can help us in this – if you know about corruption, breaking the law or unethical behavior, send us a message using one of the encrypted channels below.
The editors of “Warsaw Post” guarantee whistleblowers full anonymity, and protecting the source of information is one of the most important principles of journalistic work.
Remember that together we can do more!

Encrypted e-mail

You can send PGP-encrypted email to us using your Protonmail account, or use a browser plug-in (e.g. FlowCrypt, Maivelope, Enigmail) if you use a different email account. PGP technology works on the principle of a pair of keys: public and private. The public one can be given to anyone (you can find ours below), the private one is secret and is used to decrypt messages.
A so-called key fingerprint is used to verify the public key.

Key fingerprint: a008c058532a95d7c59cbeecb2cba2fcf6d4376d

Email address: [email protected]

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